Friday, 18 February 2011

Typewriter Tags

I just found this old pic of one of the tags I made for my brother's wedding favours. Dead easy to do, providing you have access to an old fashioned typewriter (I picked one up in the charity shop for £5). I just scrolled the fabric into the typewriter, the same way you would with paper and typed away. I hole punched the holes in the cloth and added a little scrap of patterned fabric to brighten it up.


  1. Nice idea! I never thought of feeding in typewriter with cloth sheet. Thought it's too thick for that.

    Want to try doing this one but have no idea where's my typewriter!

    Love this inspiring blog by the way :-)

  2. Great idea and I've seen so many unloved Typewriters in thrift stores, what's the bet I can't find another now that I need one!