Saturday, 19 February 2011

Primark re-hash bracelet

This pretty bracelet gave me an idea for creating something similar of my own.  I have since seen quite a few similar designs, involved plaiting chain, fabric and strings of beads.  I recently bought a big load of scarves and cheap jewellery from Primark to cut up and rehash into new things and this bracelet was the first quick DIY project.

my version

Below is a strip cut off one the scarves I bought and a gold chain (this originally had nautical trinkets on it which I have removed to use on another project).  I have threaded the strip of scarf through a link in the gold chain and pulled the scarf half way through.

I then plaited the fabric and chain together and secured it at the end  with a knot.  As the chain was already designed as a charm bracelet it has fastenings already attached which I can re-use.

secure the chain and fabric together

plait and knot at the end

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