Sunday, 20 February 2011

Crafty stamp

Super simple craft stamp which you can use to decorate wrapping paper, or envelopes & letters (if anyone out there is old school and still writes letters) and anything else lying about.

Materials: Bobbin, Pen, PVA glue or strong double sided tape, foam craft sheet, inkpad (foam and ink available from Hobbycraft and art stores)

  • Work out what design you want your stamp to be, keep it simple. It needs to be small enough to fit on the bottom of the bobbin.
  • Draw your design on the foam sheet in pen, cut it out.
  • Stick it to the bottom of your bobbin, using PVA glue, double sided tape, or anything else sticky you can find. Let the adhesive dry.
  • Now its time to start stamping. Press your stamp gently into the inkpad then practice on a scrap of paper first, to see how much ink you need to use.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing idea and so simple, now off to hunt out my old empty bobbins