Sunday, 20 February 2011

Ribbon holder

If you have ribbons and bobbins lying about in a tangle looking unsightly, these ribbon holders will not only keep you organised but they make a really pretty creative statement.

Materials: Bobbin, sticky tape, pin
  • Iron your ribbon if its a bit dog-eared
  • To secure the ribbon to the bobbin, take about 1 inch of sticky tape and stick half the tape to one end of the ribbon (on the outside side of the ribbon) and then stick it the rest of the piece of tape to the bobbin.
  • Wrap the ribbon round the bobbin, wrapping it so that the ribbon hides the wooden spool of the bobbin
  • Once the ribbon is wrapped on, pin the end of the ribbon in place to secure it.


  1. I really love your ideas. I would like to post your website on my blog, may i?

  2. Hi Anjazwei! Thanks for your comment. Of course you can post it on your blog with a link to my blog. Many thanks:)

  3. Ok, I am so becoming a follower of yours...these tutorials are creatively awesome!