Sunday, 20 February 2011

Super sewing brooch

If you pine for people to describe you as 'a bit arty' and want to give off a 'creative' vibe then this is the brooch to flash about!  And when strangers stop you in the street to ask where you got that fine accessory, you can casually reply 'oh, this old thing? I made it'!

Materials: Wooden Bobbin, Vintage sewing pattern paper, wallpaper paste, pva glue, brooch back, glue-gun (mini glue gun £4.79 from Hobbycraft – also available from John Lewis).

  • Cut the end of your bobbin and put to one side
  • Cut out 6 circles of varying diameter (2 circles at 4” diameter, 2 circles at 3 ½” and 2 circles at 3inches) from your vintage pattern paper using the most interesting parts of the paper.
  • Mix a small amount of wallpaper paste, and using a paintbrush paint both sides of each circle with the paste and stick the 2 largest together, the 2 medium circles together and the 2 smallest circles together. (the paste stiffens them up and makes the paper easier to work with and less likely to tear)
  • Hang them out to dry, while they are still damp,lay the circles on a table and lightly pull the edges of each circle up a bit to create more of a flower shape for each circle.
  • Place the circles on top of one another, biggest on the bottom, smallest on the top.
  • Glue the circles together by gluing or sewing just in the centre of the 'flower'. Let it dry.
  • Using the gluegun, glue the bobbin top to the centre of the flower and the broochback onto the back at the centre of the brooch. Take care as the glue can get pretty hot!

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