Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bobbin picture holder

This project is super simple and requires no crafty skills whatsover but looks effortlessly cool!

Materials: Wooden bobbin, Hacksaw, Sandpaper, Vice

  • Find a suitable bobbin and remove any left over thread from it.
  • Place the bobbin in a vice, place it so its lying down (If, like me, you dont have a vice you can just hold the bobbin while you saw – but I didnt say that if any H&S inspectors are reading this!)
  • Using your hacksaw saw a straight line from top to bottom of the bobbin, saw all the way to the centre of the bobbin, this should give you a sawn 'crack' which runs from top to bottom of your bobbin and to the centre. If there are any splinters, lightly sand them with sandpaper.
  • Pop your photo stand on the mantelpiece, slide the bottom corner of your photo into the crack, and stand back and admire.

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