Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Easy Peasy Covered Buttons

This is a really easy covered button tutorial with the most basic of supplies.  No fancy schmancy machine to get to grips with, instead just some old shank buttons, a scrap of cloth and a good old needle and thread.  Read the 'how to' after the jump

1.  Gather your materials.  All you need are some shank buttons, some scraps of fabric and a needle and thread.  Cut circles of fabric for each button you want to cover.  The circles should be just smaller than twice the diameter of the button.

2.  Take your first circle and stitch round the edge about 4mm from the edge.

3. PLace your fabric right side down and place button in the centre of the fabric.

 4. Pull your thread tight, gathering in the fabric and secure your thread with a few finishing stitches.

5. Repeat as above with the rest of your buttons.  

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