Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Wedding belles

Those of you who read my main blog will already have seen my many wedding pics of our handmade wedding back in July this year in the Derbyshire countryside.  If you want a peek at more pics have a look here.

We had a really handmade theme to a lot of our wedding.  My husband designed the invite which we based on the royal wedding memorabilia (which you can see here), which were printed on tea towels and he designed the menus and order of service etc.  I made my wedding dress and accessories for the wedding day, the boutonnieres and made and sourced most of the decoration for the wedding too and me and my family did the flowers on the morning of the wedding, having bought flowers from the wholesalers that morning.  My brother took all the pics and my sister in law took a Super8 video of us too and our families worked their backsides off to help us out setting everything up and taking it all down after the celebrations.  It was a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it.  

Did you have/Are you thinking of having a handmade wedding?


  1. We had a homemade wedding, and I also did all the homemade elements for my Brother-In-Law's big day too. It makes it such a special time before the big day doesn't it? Crafting and planning and collaborating. Congrats on the baby bump too. Morning sickness is the pits, but worth it in the long run. Mrs B x

  2. Just beautiful! I looked through every page of this wonderful sweet blog and you have such a fun & funky personality and artsy eye. Love it.

    This wedding is so summery sweet~ just have to say, you won me over! I think I love...love.

  3. I love everything homemade! I will definitely have a homemade wedding!