Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Racy Lacy Net Curtain Lampshade

Net curtains and old standard lampshades are two things that scream 'Granny' in the world of interiors.  But what do you get itf you cross a net curtain with a horrible old lampshade?  A net curtain lampshade of course.  I'm calling it 'old folk's home chic!'  If you want to know how to make such a thing, please see below: 

For this project you need a hideous old lampshade, some old net curtains, scissors and a glue gun. 

1. I found this monstrosity in the local charity shop for the grand old price of 50p (a bit steep if you consider the state its in!).
2. Remove the existing fabric, this one had a outer fabric and a lining.  I tried to keep the outer fabric to use as a pattern for the new covering but it got a bit mangled in my excitement to get the nasty pink fabric off, so I used the lining fabric as a rough pattern guide.
 (lining fabric which I used as a pattern for the net curtain fabric.  I added a good inch all the way around the edge when I cut out the net curtain - sorry forgot to take a pic of the next few steps!).

Once the net curtain fabric is cut out, you need to sew the vertical edges together (about a cm from the edge).

Then turn the fabric the right way out and slip it over the lampshade carcass. As the net curtain fabric is a bit stretchy it is quite easy to get it to fit.

Starting with the top of the lampshade turn the edges over the lampshade carcass and, using the glue gun, attach the netting to the lampshade carcass.

Repeat the process with the bottom of the fabric on the lampshade (as seen below), pulling the fabric tight as you go.  Trim any excess fabric from the inside of the lampshade and you are done! 

I have since added some bright pom pom trim the bottom of my lamp to jazz it up a bit (will add photos when I get a minute!)

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  1. love the new look! I think your blog is very inspiring, i enjoyed reading it. Lets follow each other!

  2. Replies
    1. I just purchased net curtains last week and I've been wondering what to do with our old net curtains, good thin I dropped by to your blog. I will try this one to give some of our lamps a new look.

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