Saturday, 11 May 2013

Paper Animal Heads

I'm not entirely sure if I have lost my mind with this project.  I can't tell if these heads look quirky in a good 'folky' way or just downright terrifying and awful.  I'll let you be the judges!

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kids soft toys with good heads!
white paper
wallpaper paste
acrylic paint and brushes
masking tape

Take the kids toy (I used a soft toy fox for the fox head and a rabbit lamp for the rabbit featured here) and cover its head and top part of body in clingfilm (Yes, this does look a bit odd and like something a deranged killer would do!)

Using torn newspaper and wallpaper paste,  paper mache the head and neck of the animal with 3 or more layers of newspaper and let it dry.

Once dry, tear up some white paper and paper mache a layer of white paper over the newspaper (this makes a better base for painting later).  Let it dry.

Remove the head from the soft toy/toy lamp/whatever you are using for its head.  If it doesnt come off easily, you may need to make a cut up the neck at the front or back to release it.  (If you need to make a cut, you will then need to use masking tape to close the cut and then paper mache over the masking tape using white paper.

Using a pencil draw roughly and lightly where the animals features are and paint away using acrylic paint.

I think things like this always look best in 3's but I havent got around to a 3rd woodland animal yet as they are pretty time consuming and I'm still not sure if this is a success or massive failure!


  1. Lovely, I make animal heads with the recycled paper and glue, but at the end I use a filler and a sandpaper.

    You can see my etsy shop here

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