Saturday, 11 May 2013

Alibaba Pots

I found this old fabric-covered pot (the smaller one) in the charity shop a while back.  I love the vintage fabric and real 60's vibe going on with the gathered fabric.  I have lots of spare baby milk tins which would work well and wanted to have a go at making one using one of the tins.  Great for keeping crafts or make-up in.

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needle and thread
sharpie pen

Measure your tin and work out length of side+width of base+length of side+8cm and that will give you the circumference of the circle of fabric to cover the tin.

Measure the diameter of your lid and add 8cm and that will give you the circumference of the fabric circle to cover the lid.

Lay out your wadding and draw round the lid and cut out your lid wadding.  Then measure the height of your tin plus the circumference of your tin and cut out a piece of wadding that size.

Glue the wadding to the lid and to the side of the tin using your glue gun.

Take your fabric circle for the lid and sew round the edge in big tacking stitches, lay the lid inside the fabric and pull the thread tight to gather the fabric around the lid.  Sew a few stitches to secure.

Tack round the piece of fabric for the tin, place the tin in the centre of the fabric circle and pull the thread tight to gather round the tin.  Sew a few stitches to keep it secure and tight.

Take the gluegun and glue the fabric in place and trim any excess fabric off.

Sew a button to the top of the lid


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