Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bobbin drawer handles

Are your drawers looking drab, do they need a crafty spruce up?  These dapper drawer handles are super quick and easy to make and attach.

Materials (per drawer): 2xWooden Bobbins, 2x(2 - 2 ½ inch long) Screws, 2 xBolts, Screwdriver, Spanner
  • Presuming the existing handles on your drawer are of the knob style (he he!!), then you need to remove these, using a spanner to remove the bolts on the inside of the drawer first. Make sure the bolts you have bought for the new handles fit through the holes left in the drawer
  • It can be a nice feature to leave a bit of thread on the bobbins. If you are using bald bobbins, these can be varnished if you prefer.
  • Take your bobbins, pop the screw through the hole in the middle and then put the end of the screw through the hole in the drawer, twist your bolt onto the screw from the inside of the drawer. Use the screwdriver to tighten the handles. If the ends of the screws are sticking out into the drawer too much then you can saw them off using a hacksaw or get a couple of shorter screws.


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